People often ask if it is pre fixed that what is to be happened is happened then what does it make difference of obeying or not obeying the rules of vastushastra .It’s true that we can’t change our fortune but the favorable or unfavorable conditions of vastushastra has the power to enhance or reduce the effects of other incidents. For example if someone’s home or commercial complex is constructed according to vastushastra but if his (person’s) stars are not favorable according to astrological point of view then definitely the results would be negative but at the same time coincidence of building according to vastu will certainly decrease the magnitude of bad/negative results notably. Similarly if someone’s home or commercial complex is not constructed according to vastu rules but if it’s proper good time astrologically then certainly the results would be positive but due to the vastu defects may not be in expected amounts. Sometimes it’s also seen that someone touches the apex of success very suddenly or vice versa. The reason behind it may be that either that person has good stars position living in that building which matches the rules of vastushastra resulting the favorable consequences in many times or on the other hand to live or run the business in that building which doesn’t fulfill the vastu rules plays an important role to increase the magnitude of adverse effects matching with the unfavorable stars position of that particular person. Actually vastushastra is a result oriented science .In fact the people who don’t believe in vastu they really don’t know the ABC of vastu (don’t have any idea about It.) otherwise vastu is so agreeable science that no one can deny its utility. Instead of avoiding the vastushastra on the basis of only hearsay misconceptions or prejudices we should try to know what are the findings of modern science based on the principles of vastushastra. The Indian vastushastra has always been saying it for thousands of years that the human being identity is only possible merely having the building according to the vastu which then provides him peace of mind. But it was 1970 when this world accept this fact when Dr. Earnest Hartman confirmed it by his research that energy waves/lines appear from north to south and east to west from the surface of the earth and he called them BEM (Bio Electro Magnetic Field) and proved that cell of any organisms works like a radio receiver by the vibratory fundamental frequency produced by itself and it (cell) can’t be lived without being effected. A building has a well –balanced BEM when it is constructed under the vastu rules and thus cells of resident have good co ordination with BEM (of building) and so they make resident feel comfort and peace of mind !

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» Deepak Roy said: { Dec 4, 2010 - 03:12:02 }

Great !!! now you are touching the scientific aspects of Vaastu Shashtra. Please tell us about the effects of extensions or deductions in any direction of a plot ?