Vastu Shastra: The Great Ancient Science

Vastushastra is one of the sciences available & created by great Indian Rishi-munis (saints) after the wide research of thousands of years. It is a unique gift of India to world which is beyond castes, religions and boundaries of country and committed to the welfare of mere mankind. Although modern architecture is able to make any mansion nice and comfortable, but it is Indian vastushastra which provides guarantee of leading a peaceful life to the residents or industrialists of that building. To obey the guide lines/rules of vastushastra are equally important as to be on safe line from the misconceptions penetrates in various rules of vastushastra. In spite of having quite knowledge of vastu rules many a people keep facing grief and sorrow by doing experiments with all the life long just because of the lack of right methods of execution. For example, most of the people still assume that sub directions as Eshan, Vayavya, Aagnaya and Neritya are always situated at the corners of a plot or building but it is not always true and life is got into hot water in spite of getting contentment just because of the violation of vastu’s rules. Actually in vastushastra calculation and assessments are based on magnetic North whereas in general, people take geographical north namely sunrise is the base for the vastu test and this time they probably forget that quite difference in direction of sun rising takes place from dakshiyayan to uttarayan.
The perfection of  results and obey of rules are directly correlated to only magnetic North.After getting the knowledge of how much degree of North magnetic from a specific plot is fluctuated and according to that calculating the occupied area of eight directions, the whole advantage of vastu shastra is only possible. Drafting of map according to vastu is not only enough but selection of plot, setback, map, construction process, interior decoration, elevation, colours scheme  etc should also be matched to vastushastra. Wedding and house construction are the most affecting factors in someone’s life. So a sweet home can’t be given in the hands of quacks ! Vastushastra has the power to make your profit double during good time and can reduce the amount of loss up to half in rainy days.
On the other hand some people of even our country have suspected eye towards the reliability of vastushastra whereas scientifically proved and causing commotion in all over the world such vastushastra is getting salute of western world as well as modern science.

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» हरीश बी. शर्मा said: { Aug 17, 2010 - 07:08:40 }

mast, badhai ho badhai….

» Kr.Ravi singh rathore said: { Aug 17, 2010 - 03:08:32 }

I dont have any idea about vastu but i trust vastu. it is your gr8 effort that we unknown person can learn about VASTU .
with reagards

» Satya Prakash Mehra said: { Aug 18, 2010 - 05:08:50 }

I agree with Mr RK Sutar. It is really important to know the right approach of the remedy while consulting Vastu Shastra. Half knowledge of this science has ruined many families and after wards they blame this great science. Therefore, one should know and consult the specialist of Vastu for successful remedies.

I am Conservation Scientist by profession but have deep belief in this science as it has great logics behind all the points.

Satya Prakash Mehra
Conservation Biologist (profession)
& Numerologist (passion)

» Dinesh Acharya said: { Aug 18, 2010 - 07:08:50 }

This is a wonderful step by you. your right knowledge will help people in understanding the real picture of vastu and this will save them from vastu quacks.

» DR. T.K. JAIN said: { Sep 26, 2010 - 03:09:05 }

Excellent, it is great to see your articles, these are very informative and full of inspiration. You are doing a great cause by spreading Vastu knowledge. Best wishes for your initiatives. Your commitment, knowledge, and expertise are commendable.

Dr.T.K. Jain
(principal, Sri Jain PG College, Bikaner)
Chief Mentor, Afterschoool, centre for social entrepreneurship
sivakamu veterinary hospital road
bikaner 9414430763

» Giriraj said: { Oct 6, 2010 - 08:10:06 }

Dear Sir,

Pls start your “Learn Vastu” menu asap. This will be very helpful to the learner of this amazing science.

» R K Sutar said: { Nov 3, 2010 - 05:11:23 }

गिरिराज जी, आलेख पढने के लिए धन्यवाद. फिलहाल आप मेरे फेसबुक अकाउंट पर प्रतिदिन एक वास्तु टिप पढने का लाभ ले सकते हैं.

» R K Sutar said: { Nov 3, 2010 - 05:11:26 }

Respected T. K. Jain Sahab, It’s your great kindness that you spared time for visiting my blog. Thanks a million Sir. Regards.

» Ar. Mukesh Rathore, AKME DESIGN STUDIO, Jaipur said: { Nov 9, 2010 - 10:11:23 }

Adarniya, Sutar ji,
What is the role of Vastu Sastra in “Morden Architects” …………?